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4 Must-Know Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

Speaking to the wrong audience is like speaking maths to a cow. Yes, get that. We always ask our clients during consultation who are their target audiences. And the answers we often received are “anyone”, “whoever who’s interested” or even “everyone”.  Really? Everyone?  When you target everyone as your “target audience”, that’s like throwing your […]

The Importance Of Digital Marketing in Malaysia

The importance of digital marketing in Malaysia is becoming crystal clear. Nowadays, society at large is very much driven by digital technology. Digital marketing has a remarkable influence on the way people interact, work, purchase and shaping their life habits. In short, it had become an integral part of what a business is to its […]

6 Simple Steps To Become A UI UX Designer

In the past few years, the demand for UI UX designer is getting higher. Due to the evolution of digital marketing in Malaysia, websites, and e-commerce stores becoming very common for society. However, every successful service and product, such as a website or mobile application, has a good UI UX design. Hence, the website interface […]

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