Digital Marketing – Learn How, or Fail

Digital Marketing – Learn How, or Fail

Digital marketing is rather a wide topic if we really wanna talk about it in details. Nonetheless, I would say it’s certainly a hot topic nowadays.

In short, digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mostly online. Lots of people do not know how to fully make use of it due to lack of knowledge in relevant fields. It requires massive human capital to effectively deploy digital marketing strategies to harvest the benefits – increased sales results, or a stronger brand positioning.

And this is why digital marketing agencies, like Caveman, is here to help you up.

Traditional marketing just does not work anymore, at least not as good as how it was in the past. Brochures, flyers, name cards, and posters, they just don’t get as much attention as before. They are nothing more than papers.

According to one of the articles from Malay Mail, the average smartphone user in Malaysia spends about three hours a day on their devices. Guess what? It makes perfect sense to deliver your marketing messages right into their eyesights through mobile marketing!

Well, I would say I can’t find any reason why we shouldn’t learn it. Let’s just start with some of the notable digital marketing trends in Malaysia for 2019/2020:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the least costly digital marketing alternatives

Focus more on SEO if you were a sophisticated digital marketer. It requires minimal monetary requirements to kick off other than your time cost. Nonetheless, it’s really not easy to do it if you would like to see some fruitful results.

There are tons of strategies to reach your SEO goals, such as link buildings, SEO audit, content building, backlink analysis, etc. Sounds complex? A detailed keyword research and planning should be a good beginning for you to start the project. Always remember, CONTENT IS THE KING!

Audiences continue to spend time on social media

There is a lot to talk about for your social media account. It represents everything about your business. The majority of Malaysians continue to consume much of their leisure time on Facebook and Instagram.

Well, you certainly do not want to leave a bad impression on your potential customers when they first land on your social media account. Tell you what, spend a little to engage with a good digital marketing agency. Do some branding for your social media presence. People like to do business with companies that look fine.

With professional advice from a marketing agency, you can actually launch some creative marketing campaigns to be precisely delivered to your target audiences. Well, there is no geographical boundary for your business prospects using digital marketing.

Do not forget the power of video content!

Do you prefer to look at a 1000 words essay, or to watch a 10 seconds video? I would certainly choose the latter.

Video content will continue to remain as one of the most powerful content types for any digital platform on the internet. Try to make your video short, and with a very strong marketing message. Hit the bull eye. Trust me, that would be more effective than any kind of marketing effort you have ever come across.

As of now, you have already taken a big step forward, haven’t you? So, what stops you from learning more?

Max Tai, CFA – Founder

Digital Marketing – Learn How, or Fail
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