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Zapfun Malaysia provides convenience and affordability by preparing and delivering healthy meals. Its business objective is to inspire people by serving premium healthy food and safety delivery. The company strives to provide a convenient experience to cater the modern lifestyle of the society.


The brand name ‘Zapfun’ originates from the traditional Chinese word of ‘Mixed Rice’ with a modern twist of ‘Fun’ in it. This is to signify the brand’s vision of spreading light and joy with every bite of their scrumptious dishes.

The Use of Colors

In regards to Zapfun’s color scheme, our team had carefully picked each color to fit its brand concept accordingly. We decided these colors specifically based on the color wheel in psychology. Most importantly is to appropriately distinguish Zapfun from the crowd.


Green – Representing the balance and growth aspires to achieve in providing customers with deliciously healthy food.


Yellow – Represents the team, who are always optimistic and cheerful towards serving all customers wholeheartedly.


Orange – Representing the strong social communication between the brand and its customers.


White – Represents the purity and wholeness behind each meal the team prepares and delivers.


Moreover, the color palette of green, yellow, orange and white highly reflected Zapfun’s brand values. These colors come together to represent the story behind Zapfun’s vision and mission: Serving customers healthy food and keeping them happy at the same time.

Our Approach

From the planning to execution, our team had considered many aspects. Besides, each design had been established based on Zapfun’s brand philosophy and what the target consumer would prefer. Align with the corporate’s identity, we created eye-catching content that brings a positive impact on the brand.


Whereas its logo designs, cutlery packaging, lunch box till corporate uniform was carefully planned and designed for enhancing and strengthening the entire corporate brand identity. Hence, a strong and long-lasting brand image was developed to meet their business goals.

The Outcome Of Zapfun Branding

As a result, Zapfun has gained an enormous amount of support and satisfaction since it began. Zapfun team wanted to create a different kind of food delivery service in Malaysia. They tend to be one that is healthy and brings happiness all at once.


Besides, Zapfun received a significant brand lift and awareness, after we created a consistency across all channels, includes print, online and social content. We triumphantly created these impressive assets that achieved by prioritizing the wants and needs of their target consumers.

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