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Sān Tiáo Yī


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Sān Tiáo Yī Kopitiam is a start-up Chinese style coffee shop in Taman Rimbayu, Selangor. Kopitiam is an integral part of the Malaysian Chinese culture and also a unique social scene in some of the Southeast Asian country.


At Caveman, we worked closely with the brand owner helping to shape a unique brand identity and image. Our challenge was to create a whole new brand that captures the attention of consumers in the crowded ‘Kopitiam’ business market.

Modern Yet Vintage

Through a series of creative approaches, we focused on creating a brand identity that featured ‘modern yet vintage’ elements. Our design mostly used a characterful mix of typefaces, colors, and illustrative styles.


The logo design represents the standard Chinese pronunciation of the brand name which also inspired by ‘Hanyu Pinyin’. Besides, we implement the traditional Chinese typeface in its logo design too. It preserving the renovated elements and also with a cue of 70’s culture message.

Our Approach

Drawing on Kopitiam’s strong heritage in Malaysia, we developed a bold brand that’s incorporated with the concept of a 70’s coffee shop industry. We gave Sān Tiáo Yī a brand identity that’s able to sit alongside modern business concepts and traditional coffee shops.


Furthermore, its brand identity has a personal touch which stands out from the crowd. Our unique approach speaks significantly and clearly across all touchpoints, from its logo design to employee’s uniform and beyond.

The Outcome of
Sān Tiáo Yī

As a result, Sān Tiáo Yī has quickly established and generated an unprecedented level of coverage in the Kopitiam market. We have successfully created a new brand that is distinctive and visually memorable at the same time. Moreover, the brand impression retains a sense of belonging to the traditional Chinese Kopitiam’s identity.

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