Isuzu – ELF . Forward . GIGA


Isuzu – ELF . Forward . GIGA


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Isuzu has come a long way since it was founded in 1916, as it made its mark as a leader for diesel engines and commercial vehicles. The company is officially rank as ‘Number 1 in Malaysia’ for its high safety standards, quality assurance, and environmentally-friendly performance. Furthermore, Isuzu is especially renowned for its trucks that variates between light to heavy-duty jobs.


Ever since Isuzu decided to incorporate with Malaysia in 2004, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (IMSB) has become the top consumer choice by introducing contemporary products and strengthening customer relationships.

Design Inspiration of Isuzu Malaysia

For this piece, we have specially chosen a pastel tone palette to exhibit all ranges of Isuzu Trucks. However, we decided to use dark colors to represent every heading and subheading. So, its consumers can easily see all the information at first glance.


As for the background, Caveman’s graphic designers have chosen to resemble Isuzu Motor’s country of origin, Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun. This represented how Isuzu come a long way since it first began and also commemorated on its quality. On top of that, the design we created had included the latest recognitions of Isuzu trucks. It had gained in the past decade for its overall quality and performance.

As A Result

After publicizing, Isuzu experienced a growth in consumer interest and trust. During the drafting stage, we made sure to consider Isuzu’s consumer’s perspective as well. Furthermore, Isuzu Trucks have been recognized as the ‘Number 1 Light Duty Vehicle’ for the past decade in Malaysia. Instead of an ordinary and plain design, we then decided on a spunky design as this graphic’s direction.


In the end, it turned out better than expected. Not only did we manage to include each Isuzu truck variant, but also included the brand’s history. This further explains Isuzu’s passion for providing the best for their consumers.

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