Isuzu – 60th Anniversary


Isuzu – 60th Anniversary


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Isuzu has come a long way since it was founded in 1916, as it made its mark as a leader for diesel engines and commercial vehicles. Moreover, Isuzu’s vehicles are widely recognized for its high safety standards and excellent build quality. Since August 1959, the ELF truck has become a firm favorite internationally in the light-duty truck segment. Furthermore, Isuzu is especially renowned for its trucks that variates between light to heavy-duty jobs.


Celebrating the 60th anniversary of its best-selling Lightweight Duty Truck, Isuzu Malaysia approached Caveman for our creative design services. We were tasked to create a campaign for Isuzu that features its products and services.

Isuzu 60th Anniversary Celebration

There’s never been a more important time for Isuzu to connect with their consumers and business partners. By using a different approach, Caveman’s creative team decided to implement a bright color palette with celebratory design to better bring the “60th Anniversary Celebration” to life.


Certainly, we have created a design that is bold and optimistic by combining the 60th Anniversary titles and their featured product. Besides, the image identity reflected Isuzu’s brand values of excellent build quality, superb durability.

The Deliverables

From that, we have successfully created a long-lasting impression towards Isuzu’s consumers. The conceptual design works best to elevate Isuzu in the marketplace and various truck categories. In short, the 60th Anniversary poster has been very well received.


After publicizing, Isuzu experienced a growth in consumer interest and trust. We successfully create a campaign that manages to convey the exclusiveness of Isuzu’s trucks. Meanwhile, celebrating an amazing 60th anniversary with Isuzu’s consumers and partners.


In the end, it turned out better than expected. Above all, this project also highlights our ability to support and create an impactful design/campaign.

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