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Known as the Klang Valley’s excellent steel sheet supplier since 2016, Golden Steel has been the leading player in the steel industry. The outstanding products that Golden Steel offers vary from roller shutter, ventilation fan, electrical panel to security door.


Our team worked closely with Golden Steel throughout the whole project.  As per request, we created a web design which enhances its corporate brand identity.

We Change

Firstly, Caveman identified that the Web Development segment is important to the brand image of Golden Steel. It is crucial for a brand to have a smooth and clean website to strengthen its entire corporate image suite. Hence, we have decided to produce a modern web design and well-structured web development for Golden Steel. Besides, the color black and gold have been used to keep the brand consistency.

A Unique User Experience

The world is constantly changing, with our audience becoming more and more active. It is important to keep Golden Steel’s online web pages interactive to ensure a unique user experience.


Certainly, Caveman has provided a strategic solution to Golden Steel. Creating a sleek web design to direct consumer’s eyes subconsciously by guiding them to where they would like to navigate. A well-established web development will increase brand credibility and exude professionalism in the services provided.


In conclusion, Golden Steel’s web design and web development has resulted in positive feedback. Consumers find it easier to navigate through the web page with minimal clicks to what they are searching for. Moreover, we are proud to be able to assist Golden Steel in the web development aspect.

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