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Golden Steel


Golden Steel


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Golden Steel is a well-known Steel Products Supplier in the state of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since 2016. With years of experience, the company provides high-quality secondary steel sheet products such as door frame, racking, electrical panel and security door.


With their professional skills, experience in materials and streamline processes of high-quality work, Golden Steel offer a tailor-made solution which satisfies all their customers’ demand from various industries.



Logo Design Inspiration

Our design team has put in extensive creativity in terms of visual hierarchy and design elements. The logo is inspired by a combination of “steel sheet” + “the word of GS” + “the colour of gold”. Above all, it emphasizes the core identity of the company and the services they provided. Meanwhile, the colour scheme of gold is highlighted and customized to align with its brand name.


By using a different design approach, we create an 18 °C of beveled edge on the logo. “18 °C” can loosely be translated to Cantonese means “to be prosperity”. From the perspective of Chinese, the logo itself can also bring the meaning of wealth and fortune. Moreover, the refined metallic look of the logo preserving the minimalist elements and also with a touch of Chinese culture message.

We Change

Further, our team worked closely with Golden Steel throughout the whole process. After understanding the brand identity, we decided to modernize golden steel’s brand image to keep up in the modern era. From their logo designs, printed materials and corporate website, we help them to enhance and strengthen the entire corporate image suite.


We successfully establish a high-quality corporate presence that enables Golden Steel to stand out from the crowd. Meanwhile, remaining consistent with its brand core identity. Besides, Golden Steel received a higher brand lift and awareness after our work.

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